Italian Ceccarelli Stunned European’s Best To Become 60m Champion

When the 23 years old Italian Ceccarelli Samuele upset the World Indoor and Olympics Champion, Jacobs Marcell Lamont at Italian indoor championship in February to win his first national champion in 6.54s, most people called it a flash in the pan.

Ceccarelli with a best of 10.45s in the 100m (2021) showed is a man to beat in the semifinal of European indoor championship currently going on in Istanbul when he coasted home a new personal of 6.47s to win.

In the final, the in-form Ceccarelli brushed aside Jacobs Lamont (6.50s) and Swedish Larsson Henrik (6.53s) to win in 6.48s.

In the 400m female, the world record holder Bol Femke triumphed in 49.85s while her compatriots Klaver Like came second in 50.57s, leaving the Polish champion Kielbasinska Anna third in 51.25s.

Warholm Kersten, world 400m hurdles record holder snatched the win in 400m flat in 45.35s. There was Turkish national record in triple jump by Danismaz Tugba with sensational leap of 14.31m.

Muir Laura became the greatest Briton in European indoor championship with her fifth gold in 1500m in 4 03.40s.


By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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