World Bronze Medalist Tavernier Light Up Lyon Meet With A French Record

The World 2015 Hammer bronze medalist, French Alexandra Tavernier, got her parent wish ( both of which are former hammer thrower) when she eclipsed her own 74.78 French record to further it to74.94.

Her father who is her coach was very pleased for her daughter.

There was also a spackle on the Discus. The Olympics and World silver medalist and also French Discus record holder Melina Robert-Michon was very impressive. The 40 years old who is one of the most experienced Discus thrower around threw 61.44 to win.

Full Results


Short put- Frederic Dagee 19.52

Discus-Loic Fournet 53.03

Hammer- 1 Hugo Tavernier 69.36; 2 Paul Crezevault 65.94; 3 Earwyn Abdou 65.06

Javelin-1 Lenny Brisseault (2002) 66.88


Short put-Caroline Metayer 15.87

Discus- 1 Melina Robert-Michon 61.44; 2 Irene Donzelot 59.40; 3 Amanda Ngandu-Ntumba 52.23

Hammer-Alexandra Tavernier 74.94

Hammer- u18 (3 Kg) Florella Freyche 57.90

Javelin- Jona Aigouy 54.04

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Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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