Van Niekerk After Beaten Simbine: Rue His Chance For Not Beaten Record Holder

Despite impressive performance yesterday in South Africa Meet by World Record Holder, Wayde Van Niekerk but still lament of a missed chance to beat the South Africa 200m record holder, Clarence Munyai. In an interview after the race, Van said although he was pleased to have beaten all the South Africa big gun in the event but he would have been more satisfying if South Africa 200m record holder, Clarence Munyai was there.

“This was the perfect race for me to get out anxiety that comes from being out of the sport for so long. I looked forward to competing against these guys and it would have been nice to have the record holder here to see where we are. There’s still quite a lot of room for improvement and growth. It was a blessing to compete against these guys that were the best in the country”, he added.

“I wouldn’t call the win a surprise. But there is a big different between training and competing. I didn’t have the best conditions to prepare, and I haven’t been the luckiest when it comes to conditions in preparation. I had a bad race at Switzerland and I had to catch up in the last 100m. I’m growing within this challenge”, Van explained.

“I had a very lousy bend and something I really need to work on is my first 100m. In the 400m, I think I was lousy and it was the same on the 200m. That will come with more races because it’s going well in training”, he concluded.

By discernsportblog

Former sprinter, Taewondo and Badminton Player. Sport Physiotherapist

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